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Provide additional benefits to your employees — at no extra cost.

Allegius offers area companies (big or small), churches, unions, and other associations a chance to join our credit union.

In the current age of financial institution takeovers and mergers, the most basic philosophy of properly servicing the average person is lost. The average person is the one who suffers the most with poor service, "out-of-hand" fees, and lack of interest. This is not the case with us!

We offer our members a vast variety of accounts to suit their individual needs. Allegius accounts earn dividends on deposits, not interest. Dividends on all savings accounts are paid on the average daily balance and compounded and credited quarterly. Companies can offer their employees direct deposit into a share savings, checking, money market, holiday club, or special savings accounts and the deposit can be split into any combination of the employees choosing.

We also can offer your employees a wide variety of loan products and other services as well as online access to their accounts. Members' funds are insured by a stronger administration than the banking industry's "FDIC"; our funds are federally insured by NCUA (National Credit Union Association).


  • Affiliation with Allegius Credit Union can be provided at NO COST to your company
  • Membership in Allegius Credit Union would be available to ALL your employees, and their family members
  • Members have access to predominantly higher savings rates, lower loan rates and a full array of financial products and services at no (or a lower) cost than other area competitors
  • Credit union membership is traditionally looked upon as a highly valued employee benefit, which can result in improved employee satisfaction
  • Once someone joins, they become a member/owner of the credit union — not just a customer
  • Allegius Credit Union is widely recognized as one of the safest and most sound federally insured credit unions in the nation
  • Allegius Credit Union has been serving Northwest Indiana since 1965
  • Allegius Credit Union equally serves companies of all sizes

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If you would like more information about Allegius benefits, please feel free to contact us or visit your local branch.