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How can you protect your personal information?

Start with establishing strong passwords to all of your accounts. Many people simply use a password that they can remember and often have the same password for multiple accounts. This makes it easy for the hackers to "crack" once they have some of your basic personal information. Do not use family names (children's, pets, etc.) also stay away from using common dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other easily accessible combinations of the two.

Using multiple passwords can prevent the hackers from gaining access to all of your accounts if they happen to "crack" into your email or one of your other accounts. Many programs that we use require us to change our password every few months. Given this fact and the multiple accounts that we have that requires passwords, how are we supposed to keep track of all of this information? Many people simply write down their passwords and keep them close by — which is one of the worst things you can do.

There are several programs that can help you create strong passwords — and keep track of all of your logins. Password managers are programs that store and encrypt your passwords. With a password manager, you have to remember only one password to log in to all of the websites you use.

Be sure to do some research, read users reviews, and choose the password manager that suits your needs.