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Surviving at Home With the Family, Coronavirus Edition

Published: 04/25/2020 By: Allegius Credit Union

Published In: COVID-19

Surviving at Home With the Family, Coronavirus Edition

Many of us are spending time at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Our kids are out of school and many of us are working from home. How does a family get through an extended time of “togetherness” without going completely crazy? We have some tips below to help you navigate this unique time.  


Build a Plan 

Make a list of chores and activities that everyone in your household can contribute to accomplishing. Have a goal for each day so everyone can have a sense of purpose. It can be anything from doing the dishes to reorganizing a closet. Some days can have bigger tasks while others have smaller tasks so as not to be overwhelming. 


Structure and Routine

Keep your routines going. If the kids are home, this is a challenge! Consider downloading (if they don’t already have online learning provided from the schools) some grade-level reading and ask for a short report. This can just be a conversation about what they liked or didn’t like, and what they learned about the characters in the book. You can get guides for yourself on what to ask about the books from many online sources. 


If you are staying home and working remotely, make sure you get up and get dressed the same way you would if you were leaving the house. Get your coffee in your favorite mug, find a quiet space, and do your work. Exercise at the same time of day, eat your meals at the same time, keep the expectations of the rest of the family the same. The sense of normalcy will keep everyone calmer. 


Drink Water and Exercise 

This should go without saying, but it never hurts to have a reminder. Water and exercise are absolutely essential in getting through extended time at home. Make use of whatever space you have. Visit YouTube for some creative ways to use your surroundings with no-equipment workouts online. 


Get outside as frequently as possible to breathe fresh air and take a Zen moment. Every time you get up to get more water or use the bathroom, take a moment to step outside. Even 30 seconds will feel refreshing. 


Schedule Alone Time

People need time to process and breathe away from others. Don’t suffocate each other and allow time to be alone to think and process. Reading, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and exercise are forms of healthy time alone and are the best way to keep a peaceful home. 



Just because you have to stay in your home doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people. Do some FaceTime and Skype calls or set up a free Zoom account to do an online meeting with a group of family or friends so you can look people in the eye and talk to them like they were right in front of you. Laugh, tell stories, share what you did to stay sane that day. Connecting a little to someone you care about who doesn’t live with you is a great way to boost your spirits and theirs. 


During this difficult time, your friends at Allegius are here to help with your financial needs. You can access your Allegius accounts via our expanded services during the Coronavirus pandemic. 


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