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Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

Published: 04/08/2021 By: Allegius Credit Union

According to FBI Financial Crimes Section Chief Steven Merrill, "We've been concerned about fraud schemes regarding the vaccine as soon as the vaccine went from an idea to reality. The one thing that we've learned throughout this pandemic is that when there's money to be made, criminals will figure out how to do it." These sophisticated scams take many shapes and target the victim's identity as well as their wallet.

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Allegius Gives Back to Local Restaurants with Staff Lunches during COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: 06/05/2020 By: Allegius Credit Union

In April and May, while our branches were closed to our members, Allegius purchased lunch for staff working at each of our locations in order to keep up morale and support some amazing local restaurants.

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How To Make Cash In Quarantine

Published: 05/27/2020 By: Allegius Credit Union

With many businesses closed or slowly reopening under restrictions, cash may be getting a little scarce, especially if you?ve been out of work. Here are a few ideas on how you can make a little cash without breaking those social distancing rules.

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Allegius Staff Enjoy Lunch and Support Local Restaurants Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: 05/21/2020 By: Allegius Credit Union

Allegius staff enjoyed lunch at each of our credit union branches as the credit union continues its effort to support local restaurants impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Allegius Credit Union Continues Support of Local Restaurants During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: 05/12/2020 By: Allegius Credit Union

We encourage all Allegius members and the surrounding communities to reach out to these and all local restaurants to help them going through these unprecedented pandemic times.

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